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ZIC’s administrative features allow us to fulfill our goal of providing a holistic business environment to our investors in the zone.

We ensure that every function adds to the final value of the product. From the central processing zones to the storage units, the ZIC provides end-to-end support to aspirational businesses.

Single-Window Clearance

In order to improve the ease of doing business inside the zone, the single-window facility has been implemented to streamline different functions and ensure a seamless service delivery for established and potential investors. We understand the complications of dealing with multiple authorities, not to mention the constant back and forth between different lines of authority.

A single-window clearance system empowers our business units to take decisions faster and ensure that their implementation does not get curtailed due to multiple formalities. The single-window facility caters to all business requirements, bringing together all responsible authorities under one umbrella while fostering systematic compliance.

Set up your Business within ZIC with three simple steps

Step 1

Connect with us using the link mentioned at the end of this page.

Step 2

Schedule a call with our representative to discuss your business within ZIC.

Step 3

Embark on setting up your unit by expressing a clear statement of interest.

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