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Ferkessédougou is the second most populous city in Côte d’Ivoire and acts as a gateway to neighbouring countries of Burkina Faso and Niger.

The region has been swarming with commercial farming for decades, while the traditional pharmaceutical industry in the region portrays tremendous growth prospects. A thriving livestock market in the region creates opportunities for animal fodder processing. The Ferkessédougou airport serves the connectivity requirements of local businesses. Overall, the city provides a competitive business environment and an outstanding infrastructure to budding businesspersons.


Advanced Transportation

Integrated Industries

Shipping & Storage Services


ZIC – Ferkessédougou

ZIC Ferkessédougou leverages the strategic geographical positioning of the region to add a competitive edge to the local value chain. By providing seamless integration with all transportation, shipping and storage services, the zone assists in-house manufacturing units to reduce their costs and explore profitable markets to sell their final product.

In this way, the zone benefits its partners by providing tonnes of opportunities to scale profits due to the heavy concentration of economic activity, multiple services and a well-integrated industrial ecosystem.

Set up your business in Zones Industrielles de Ferkessédougou with three simple steps:


Enjoy ease of entry and operations with the single-window clearance system.


Access fiscal and non-fiscal support with in-house infrastructural services, designated officials and need based subsidies.


Expand your customer base with our existing agreements with key industry players and emerging trade markets.

ZIC Facilities

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