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Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire, 30 December 2023 – ARISE IIP is thrilled to announce a visionary partnership with Sonata, marking a significant stride in the cashew processing industry. This joint venture, Arise IIP & Sonata, is set to process a substantial 100,000 tonnes of cashew in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, backed by an impressive £100 million investment, evenly distributed between the two esteemed partners.

The establishment of this joint venture will witness the creation of a cutting-edge processing facility sprawling across 15 hectares, strategically located within ARISE IIP’s Special Economic Zone at ZIC PK24, Abidjan. Fitted with world-class imported machinery boasting round-the-clock processing capabilities, this facility is anticipated to generate 3,500 direct jobs within the factory, along with an additional 1,500 auxiliary positions, culminating in the creation of 5,000 job opportunities within Côte d’Ivoire.

Tejhash Modh, CEO of ARISE IIP Cashew Business, radiates enthusiasm for this strategic alliance, stating, “Our partnership with Sonata signifies an exhilarating milestone in our unwavering commitment to the cashew industry. Together, we bring forth complementary expertise and a shared fervor for innovation, solidifying our position as frontrunners in the field.”

Franklin Jose, MD of Sonata , reflects on the partnership, “This collaboration represents a remarkable opportunity to leverage our strengths and pool our resources to drive the cashew processing industry to new heights. We are excited about the potential and positive impact this venture will have.”

This auspicious partnership between Arise IIP and Sonata is set to reinforce the global prominence of both entities in the cashew processing sphere. Their unified vision is grounded in elevating product quality, enhancing operational efficiency, and catalyzing economic development in the vibrant landscape of Côte d’Ivoire.


ARISE Integrated Industrial Platforms (ARISE IIP) is a pan-African developer and operator of world-class industrial parks committed to making Africa thrive. We identify opportunities in commercial and industrial value chains across Africa, and conceive, finance, build and operate the necessary infrastructure, playing a catalytic role in supporting countries to transition to an industrial economy. We are driven by the pursuit of green growth; our ambition is to unlock the continent’s industrial potential while neutralising our carbon emissions and climate impact. ARISE IIP is currently present in Benin (GDIZ), Togo (PIA), Gabon (GSEZ), Côte d’Ivoire (ZIC), and more. GSEZ was ranked the world’s best special economic zone in the timber sector (2020 FDI ranking).

About Sonata

Sonata is part of the Lagata Group, who are one of the largest investment groups operating in Sub Saharan Africa. Lagata Group puts responsible investment at core of what it does by focusing on growing businesses that can generate sustainable profits and create positive social and environmental impact. Lagata Group currently invests in Forestry, Natural Resources, Salt & Seasoning, Construction Material manufacturing, Agro-Processing and Packaging businesses in Sub Saharan Africa. Lagata Group adds long term value to the businesses it works on, aiming to improve the infrastructure in the areas it operates, and it does it through hands-on involvement in each of these businesses and by connecting them to its ecosystem of central services that the group built throughout the region it operates.
Sonata commands a pivotal presence in the agro-food industry, specializing in the processing of premium agricultural products. Armed with a rich history of excellence and an unrelenting commitment to quality, Sonata is celebrated for its capacity to deliver top-tier products to discerning customers worldwide.


Sarah Adnane, Chief Communications Officer,